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EGR disabling solutions

EGR valve and EGR cooling system disabling services

Most common reason why DPF/FAP filters get clogged is malfunction of EGR system.

When EGR system is not operating properly, all particles that should burn in the combustion chamber are pushed further to the exhaust system causing the DPF to absorb more particles than it is designed to. When is EGR valve is stuck and open more than it should be – it causes poor air to fuel mixture and fuel does not burn efficiently which results in high fuel consumption, black smoke, lack of power.

Disabling EGR allows only fresh air from outside thus increasing power, fuel efficiency and better emissions.




Intake manifold flap (swirl) disable service

Most of the modern engines have intake manifold flaps (swirls) installed in the intake system.

Most common problem is Flap/Swirl motor malfunction. It usually appears in VAG TDI engines, BMW diesel engines and Mercedes Benz CDI engines, last two being extremely costly.

If not taken care of in time, flaps may brake apart and will be sucked in to the engine causing significant damage and very high repair bills. 

DPF/FAP particle filter removal services

We provide Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF/FAP) disabling solutions.

DPF filters are fitted to most modern diesel engines. They are installed to reduce emissions.

Negative part is that for the most of drivers it can cause a lot of headache. Short trips and city driving can result in regenerations not being fully completed, premature blocking of the DPF can lead to expensive turbo system repair bills and overall engine damage. When DPF is blocked it must be replaced and usually if the same driving style is maintained – the new filter will block again and circle will start once again.

We completely remove DPF filter from the system, leaving only catalytic converter which helps to keep emission level within the standard requirements. ECU module is reprogrammed for complete solution to take effect. All DPF related sensors are disabled, regenerations stopped which results in decreased fuel consumption, more efficient turbocharger, reduced oil deterioration.