File service

Galingas chip tuning offers professional file service with full warranty covering all our software solutions. Serving you since 2006.

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  • First of all – absolutely fair prices, according to the fact of professional quality and support. Forget paying for famous names and marketing!


  • Stage 1 /2 / 2+ performance solutions
  • Eco tuning for trucks / tractors / marine engines
  • DPF / FAP / EGR / Flaps disabling solutions
  • DPF with additive systems disabling
  • AdBlue (reg. trademark) / SCR disabling
  • Custom modifications (custom DTC, Lambda off, EVAP,  etc.)
  • We do cooperate with partners located all around the Globe: Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, etc. – working with all specific ECUs, software versions and region-related adaptations
  • Flexibility with payments: wire transfer, PayPal, credit card, BitCoin, etc.

File service usually takes 1-3 hours. Depending on the vehicle, ECU type, modification needed – time may vary.

File service is processed through email address info[@] (please use our contact form)


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