chip tuning services

For local customers:
The very start is to read out original information from ECU (Engine Controlling Unit). This is possible with most cars manufactured from year 1998, supported by European, American and Asian car manufacturers. Next step – analyzing original engine management data and changing necessary values.
Last step – writing modified file into ECU.

Standard chip tuning for cars: (+20-30% power/torque, up to 15% less fuel consumption): 150-400 EUR
Individual chip tuning for cars: 250-800 EUR
Truck and agriculture machinery chip tuning (eco tuning): 500-1000EUR

For business partners (press yellow links):

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Pro file service: standard and unique ECU chip tuning, eco tuning, DPF/EGR/Flaps/AdxBlue off solutions
DSM tool: OBD full R/W tool for Opel / Nissan / Mitsubishi Denso, Volvo Siemens and Bosch EDC15/EDC16 and Marelli (more info)
Professional AdxBlue emulators for trucks and agriculture, including Mercedes-Benz (more info)
CMD Flash tool, MAP3D software from Flashtec @ best conditions and prices (more info)
KESS, KTAG tools & ECM Titanium software @ best conditions and prices (more info)c.) @ best conditions
Truck Explorer (AutoVEI) tool for Mercedes/MAN/MAZ/CLAAS trucks, tractors and buses (more info)