DYNOMAX Dynamometers

DYNOMAX Car Performance has been established in 2006 introducing professional and reliable equipment making it affordable to average customer. By investing time and knowledge, company managed to create the dynamometer which is built of highest quality materials, sophisticated and software tested in various real-life conditions, but yet keeping it among the best price/quality Dyno rolling road available on Worldwide market.

What our chassis dynamometers can offer different, compared to other Dynos of same price range is heavy-duty chassis, advanced mechanical parts and electronics, warranty and full support. The process of manufacturing contains unique balancing and cutting technology used to produce rolls and result is excellent inertial mass and traction for precision measurements of power. As a company doing chip tuning (engine and gearbox remapping) since 2006, we can say that now it is one of best-balanced Dyno rollers we have ever seen, testing various leading manufacturers, including hi-end price range examples. 

Electronic components and software are long-term tested, glitch-free and have no requirements for constant updates like usual unfinished products.

As we have announced Dynomax dynamometers for public audience not long time ago, we get constantly growing interest and orders to ship our chassis Dyno to various countries: Europe, Australia, Africa. Stable and reliable business partners are welcome. Network is growing!

GALINGAS LT, Ltd. offers you best price and conditions when purchasing 2-WD or 4-WD Dynomax Dynamometers on Worldwide market, compared to the same quality and precision level equipment offered by other manufacturers. Whatever you need: a budget-Dyno for small chip tuning or racing workshop, either fully equipped 4WD, Telma brake-equipped (retarder) Dyno machine for everyday hard work and precision, our Dynomax dynamometers are ready to fulfill Your needs. Easily adaptable for motorbike power measurement, also special models for trucks and other big machines accurate power tests.

DYNOMAX chassis dynamometers have developed high level of accuracy, and as a result, basically it’s possible to measure 4 Wheel-drive and 2 Wheel-drive cars with up to 1200 horsepower (hp) precisely without having a retarder (brake) installed. This saves you quite a lot of money spent on chassis dynamometer. Accordingly, 2WD Dyno models are able to measure high-power engines without retarder as well. We do recommend a retarder (Telma brake) to be installed on the Dynomax Dyno for results with maximum accuracy level, although we would like to remark, that if your budget is limited and you are in doubt if you need a brake to be installed, in Dynomax case it is not critical. You may order and install the retarder later, for maximum accuracy and enjoying a full set of Dynomax Dyno.

As usual since 2006, we are flexible with payment options (Cash, Bank transfer, Credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin (BTC!!), shipping conditions (attractive shipping & exporting conditions to various continents and countries), and reliable in communication.

Speaking shortly: two steps ahead + very affordable prices. We are always ready to go an extra mile for our customers and partners.



All technical specifications and more information is available in PDF below:

Dynomax Dyno technical specifications and prices    [press link to enter and view]


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