Professional AdxBlue emulators (AdxBlue disabling devices) for Euro4, Euro5, Euro6 engines

Original, unique, and professional AdxBlue (SCR) emulators for DAF, IVECO, NEW HOLLAND, MAN, MERCEDES, RENAULT, SCANIA, VOLVO trucks and other transport.

>>>> First Euro6 AdxBlue emulators are ready for sale (Volvo – DAF – Scania – MAN Euro6) <<<<

Our Euro6 adblue emulator disables:
– AdxBlue system (Fully)
– AdxBlue NOX sensor
– DPF system
– DPF temperature sensors
– DPF regeneration

After installing Euro6 emulator, you can remove:
– DPF sensors – YES
– NOx sensor – YES (only in DAF don’t remove first NOx sensor !!!)
– Adblue temp. sensor (s) – YES
– Adblue pump – YES
– Adblue level sensor – YES
– Adblue ECU – YES

Supported Euro6 trucks:
Volvo Euro6
DAF Euro6
MAN Euro6
Scania Euro6

Generation II AdxBlue emulators give you an easy plug-in connect opportunity, and ability to disassemble (remove) any Adxblue component or whole Adxblue system completely.
DTC (trouble codes) are deleted automatically on Volvo, Renault and Iveco Euro 4/Euro5 trucks.

It is possible to disable AdxBlue system by installing an AdxBlue emulator (programmable device) into the vehicle. You can switch it on/off anytime.

If you want to reduce the consumption of AdxBlue in your trucks or even completely disable it’s function, best solution is to install Adxblue-off emulator. We recommend Generation II.
The benefits of this are that you can reduce the consumption of AdxBlue, which makes using genuine AdxBlue far more affordable, or simply remove the whole system completely.
This process will not leave any traces of inactive AdxBlue system.

Our original AdxBlue emulators are programmable devices. We supply you with software and cable (if necessary) to set it working correctly with exact model of truck. Wholesalers can obtain an automatic programming device and software to perform programming for customers.
It’s a 1-minute job to program the Adblue-off box, and 30-60 minute job to install the Adxblue-off box on a truck (Version 2 box for Volvo/Renault Euro5 installation time is 5-15 minutes, DAF/MAN/Scania/Iveco/Mercedes Euro 4/5 up to 2 hours).
We supply you with full instructions and support regarding disabling Adblue system with our solution.

We ship AdxBlue emulators worldwide.
Retail prices:
– Generation I: discontinued. See cheap emulator websites
– Generation II Volvo / Renault (Full Adxblue disable): 420EUR/pcs
– Generation II DAF / MAN / Scania / Iveco: 480EUR/pcs
– Generation II Mercedes (HILITE pump): 750EUR/pcs (supports all Hilite and Bosch systems for Actros, Atego, Axor, Vario, etc.)
– Euro6 AdBlue emulator: 1000EUR/pcs (1-5 pcs.). Supports Volvo Euro6, DAF Euro6, Scania Euro6.

For reseller/dealer prices, please inquire us directly.

According to quantities, we are flexible with discounts to our partners: dealers, truck repair workshops, truck sales companies, etc.

Please note, that officially the AdxBlue-off device officially can be used in countries, where actual emission standards are not valid.
You use the AdxBlue emulators at your own risk regarding its legality in your area.

For more information, please contact us via our website form: