KSuite 3.06: CVN traceability for VAG vehicles fixed from now!

KSuite 3.06: CVN traceability for VAG vehicles fixed from now!

 K-Suite 3.06

CVN for VAG vehicles


We’ve been working hard to solve one of the most critical and debated issues of the last few months: CVN traceability. After introducing the protocols 628 and 629 for BMW, we’ve decided to focus on the vehicles of the VAG group. From now on CVN won’t be a problem anymore even for Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen equipped with Bosch EDC17 and MED17!

CVN, which stands for Calibration Verification Number, is the calibration checksum of the file contained in the ECU. The CVN check is a way to verify if the ECU calibration is compliant with the ECU factory settings.

From now on, on the ECUs Bosch MED17 and EDC17 of the VAG group, even writing a Modified File, the CVN will perfectly match the Original File. You’ll be able to work in OBD, with KESSv2, and on bench, using K-TAG, without any additional protocol or extra cost.

Involved vehicles and protocols:

Ksuite-alientech-cvn vag group

New supported ECUs with KESSv2


Thanks to the last K-Suite update, you’ll be able to directly work in OBD on the ECUs of the following Car, Truck and Tractor:

  • Renault Hitachi BED434
  • Porsche Continental SDI21.X
  • Bmw Serie F Bosch MEVD17.2.8
  • Bmw Serie F Bosch MEVD17.2.H
  • Cummins Blount Tractor Motorola CM850
  • Cummins Ikarus Truck CM2350A
  • Cummins Vögele Truck CM2250
  • Cummins Foton Truck Continental CM2220C



Moreover, VW AMAROK 3.0 TDI equipped with Bosch EDC17CP54 TC1793 is now supported with KESSv2 protocol 533: